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What Food Terms People Searched for in 2018

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What Food Terms People Searched for in 2018
Photo Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash

The late Anthony Bourdain came in fifth in the top 10 Google search terms in the United States, reminding us of the chef’s huge popularity and influence in the country.

When it comes to food though, you will be surprised at the number one most searched food term for 2018 was, wait for it, Unicorn Cake. 

Romaine lettuce came in is second place with a couple of outbreaks of E. coli causing mass recalls of the vegetable nationwide. Other top searches in the Food category included CBD Gummies. Understandable seeing all that happened in the world of cannabis in the US in 2018. CBD is a cannabinoid that many claim has a range of beneficial effects on anxiety, movement disorders, cognition and pain

Fourth and fifth place were occupied the Keto diet with people looking for recipes for Keto pancakes and Keto cheesecake, while Keto cookies, Keto chilli and Keto brownies came in in seventh, eighth and ninth places respectively. The diet’s popularity continues into 2019 despite the lack of evidence supporting it.

Gochujang, a Korean red chilli paste, completed the top 10 google searches in the US in 2018. Spanish language searches for recipes had Capirotada (a kind of Mexican bread pudding), Chimichurri paste (an Argentinian parsley, garlic paste for grilled meat) and chocolate flan in the top three.

In the United Kingdom the most searched recipe was the ever-popular pancake, so no surprises there. However, at number two was the Porn Star Martini, a twist on the cocktail that uses vodka and passion fruit, followed by the Mojito. Shakshouka came in next proving that Britain might be looking beyond the English breakfast to the East for a new way to do their eggs and Colcannon, a traditional Irish staple consisting of mashed potato, cabbage, cream, butter, salt and pepper completed the top five.

In Italy, top of the recipes was the Pastiera Napolitano, a tart made with cooked wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese, and flavoured with orange flower water. Tiramisu and Carbonara came next, followed by Colomba Pasquale and Casatiello, both Easter cakes. Couscous, broke with the Italian fare to come in sixth position.

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