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Now you can Browse Menus with Google Maps’ Dish-covery

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Now you can Browse Menus with Google Maps’ Dish-covery

Eating out is a very different experience today thanks to technology. The chances are, when you’re looking for a restaurant in a given area, the first thing is you’ll take you’re smart phone and type ‘Best restaurants near me’ into the search field. You’ll then scroll down through the restaurants listed and maybe check a few reviews on Yelp or TripAdvisor. You can even order food through Google Maps.

It’s a far cry from world of mouth recommendations, or strolling up and down streets peering at menus in the window or side stepping those waiters who venture onto the streets to lure you in.

The whole ‘what to eat and where’ question just got upgraded with a new feature that has most likely already been installed on your Google Maps app.

The Dish-covery feature uses a machine learning algorithm that matches dish names with relevant images and reviews by other Google Maps users.

Here’s how it works:

∙ When you pull up a restaurant on Google Maps, scroll down and you’ll see a “Popular Dishes”.

∙ Tap one of them and you’ll go to the “Menu” where you’ll fine dishes, reviews and ratings form other people who’ve tasted them.

Google has also unveiled a new Lens feature that allows users to point their phone at a menu to highlight popular dishes using the same Google maps data.

Dish-covery is already functioning on Android phone with plans for an iPhone version in the works, as part of Google’s aim of becoming your main resource in helping you spend your time.


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