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Google Files Patent On Check Splitting System

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Google Files Patent On Check Splitting System
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Splitting the bill is one of the headaches of dining in a big group. Ever end up with the short end of the stick and had to pay more than you owed? Google is hoping to put an end to those days. The internet giant has filed a patent for a system that tracks and splits restaurant bills, according to Geekwire.

Six Google employees are credited with inventing this new system or app that tracks individual orders when dining in a group. It also tracks debt from a previous dining experience and tallies what each person owes. Each individual would then pay the exact amount they consumed, clearing up any confusion at the table.

Here's an excerpt from the patent:

"For example, a group of friends may go on vacation together, plan an event together, or go to dinner. When the group incurs a bill, typically one of the group members will pay the bill out of convenience and expects to be paid back by the other group members. However, some group members may not pay back their entire share of the bill or may forget and not pay back their share at all," the filing says. "This is unfair for the group member that paid the bill. Thus, there is a need in the art for an efficient way to track group expenditures and settle balances between group members."

Here's the full patent if you want to check it out.

Via Geekwire

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