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13 Videos to Help Improve Hospitality at Your Restaurant

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13 Videos to Help Improve Hospitality at Your Restaurant

There’s no denying that the world of dining has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. With a whole new focus now placed on the cooking profession, chefs taking centre stage at world events and the covers of international magazines has become a common occurrence.

As much as we’ve witnessed these rapid changes across the dining sector, the dining professionals: the servers, greeters and front of house teams that work to elevate our restaurant experience, have some catching up to do.

This need to play catch up is the catalyst of The Welcome Conference, an online resource and public event created by the kings of New York’s dining scene, Anthony Rudolf (formerly Thomas Keller Restaurant Group) and Will Guidara (co-owner of Eleven Madison Park).

The first Welcome Conference has already taken place for 2014 with a mix of speakers from across the hospitality and wider food industry presenting ideas on a number of different topics, from the modernisation of service to emotional presence and using technology for fun and profit.

The best thing about the conference is that all the speeches are now available to watch for free online, allowing everyone who works in the industry to learn from the meeting. There’s 13 different videos in total covering a real mix of topics, perfect viewing for anyone who wants to improve the hospitality in their business.

You can watch all the videos on The Welcome Conference website. 

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