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An Affordable Chef Knife

By FDL on

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An Affordable Chef Knife
There’s been a few attempts recently to produce a high quality chef knife that doesn’t come with the price tag of a Bob Kramer blade. 
The latest is Bulat, and their Kickstarter project which has far surpassed its goal of raising of $25,000 (they currently sit at $162,000 with 21 days to go). 
Bulat is a knife that promises to deliver a high quality product without the high price point we’ve come to expect from chef knives, it will retail at around $120. 
The blade is made using Japanese VG-10 steel which makers say “ holds an incredible edge and won’t corrode like other high carbon steels.” 
How sharp? Makers promise the blade will be super sharp but strong enough to be durable, a blade you can use everyday. 
Take a look at the video to find out more. 

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    Much better looking than another crowdfunding star - Misen chef's knife. Misen is hammed with AUS8 stainless steel, while Bulat is VG10 - both steels are a great choice for someone who doesn't want to spend hours on maintenance and at the same time doesn't want to compromise edge retention, but I wouldn't be so hopeful about super sharpness. I've once wrote an guide to choosing the best knife for one's needs, maybe it's going to be useful for any of you: - let me know your feedback, and if you have anything to add - I'd happily do that :)

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