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Japan Unleashes Luxurious Gold-Covered Ice Cream

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Japan Unleashes Luxurious Gold-Covered Ice Cream
Photo hibb126/Instagram

If you enjoy dining on fancy food then a trip to Japan may be in order. The land of wagyu beef has plenty to choose from - including a whimsical water cake and beautiful flower desserts - but there is one particular treat that is really catching our eye: gold ice cream.

This luxurious treat features edible gold leaf placed ever so carefully over the ice cream so it drapes elegantly conforming to its soft-serve curves. 

The gold ice cream is being dished in Kanasawa, the city that also happens to be the gold leaf capital of the world. Isn't it great they finally found a use for all the surplus of edible gold leaf?

YouTuber Grace Lee captured gold ice cream being served:

Apparently, Kanasawa's gold ice cream has been around for a while (the video above dates from last fall) but it's just creating a stir on Instagram where foodies are raving about the icy treat which is priced at around $8.

We really hope the trend catches on in the West because it'll make the summer all at much more delicious.

Via First We Feast

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