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Chef Creates Tasting Menu to Celebrate Gluten

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Chef Creates Tasting Menu to Celebrate Gluten
A chef in New Orleans has caused quite a stir online with plans for a gluten celebration dinner with many of those suffering from celiac intolerances complaining on social media. 
The chef, called Jason Goodenough, has proposed a a menu subtitled: (It’s) A Celebration of Gluten (Bitches)’ and will be going to great lengths to cook with gluten packed ingredients. 
Goodenough, who runs the Carrollton Market restaurant in New Orleans, said he got the idea after getting tired with the increasing numbers of people who demonise gluten. The menu will be “centered around the current villain of proteins, gluten,” wrote the chef in a press release. 
The eight-course tasting menu, costing $80, will include dishes such as tuna crudo served with shallots coated in flour and soy-sauce - both sources of gluten. Even the foie gras will be given a gluten makeover with a breadcrumb crust. 
The chef told reporters the menu will start with “Buffalo-style fried gluten,” glutenous balls he says he discovered at an Asian grocery store, and will finish with a dessert of peach bread pudding  
Anyone truly upset at the chef’s proposal will be happy to know that he plans to donate proceeds from the dinner to the Celiac Disease Foundation.
In a release, Goodenough said: "Gluten is a very misunderstood protein. It's what makes my pasta dough elastic, what gives my bread texture and what makes my pie dough crunchy. Instead of scorning gluten, we are celebrating it."
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