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Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Shop Opens in Australia

By FDL on

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Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Shop Opens in Australia

A pop-up ice cream store in Australia is wowing customers with a range of glow in the dark ice creams that are vegan and dairy free.

196 Below is a liquid nitrogen ice cream pop-hop in Melbourne started by Steve Felice and Glenn Storey.

Their Neon Nitro Ice Cream comes in three flavours of redskin, pine-lime and mango passion fruit. The glow is given to the ice cream thanks to a UV-reactive liquid food colouring that has been certified by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

At $8.50 it’s not cheap but it’s certainly much cheaper than the last glow in the dark ice cream cone we featured which cost $225 a cone - though this was developed using special proteins found in Jellyfish.

The company say their ice cream is vegan friendly, fairy free and made with no preservatives. What do you think? Would you eat UV Ice Cream?

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