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What Happens When You Give Up Sugar and Alcohol for One Month

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What Happens When You Give Up Sugar and Alcohol for One Month

We’re constantly being told to watch what we eat. Avoid too much carb, fat, too much sugar and additives, stay away from the sugary fizzy drinks and don’t order so much take out, all while making sure you get those important five-a-day that the doctor ordered.

Eating truly healthy means making a lot of changes and sacrifices but is it really worth it? What actually happens if you change your diet and cut out, let’s say, sugar and alcohol?

That’s exactly the idea in the video below which flips the Supersize me style on it’s head as Sacha Harland takes a hardcore u-turn with his diet.

Over a period of a month, Harland gives up alcohol, sugar, artificial additives and any unhealthy food for one month.

The video starts with Harland testing his body before the experiment so they can compare the results at the end, he’s then showed exactly what he has to cut out before he starts his new diet.

It’s crazy to see how much sugar is in his regular foods and just what a massive affect the overhaul of his food intake has on his body. He get’s cranky as he comes down off the sugar and he’s constantly hungry at the beginning - something that he says is much harder than he expected.

Take a look at the results of the experiment in the video below.

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