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Gardener Tackles Chef Over Giant Cabbage Theft

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Gardener Tackles Chef Over Giant Cabbage Theft

A gardener was left devastated after a chef mistakenly cut a large part of his prized giant cabbage away to confit.

Dale Wenton had been growing the Cornish Giant for nearly a year. It had reached a whopping 38kg and measured roughly two metres across. The chef, an agency employee at The Sorrel restaurant, unwittingly took a large chunk of the giant cabbage from the gardens of Ston Easton Park in Somerset, South West England, where Toten is a senior gardener.

Dale Wenton

Wenton had planned to show the giant cabbage at a prestigious vegetable show the following week. He told the BBC: “I looked in the chef's pantry and it was right there in front of me – he had used it for a confit. I might have lost my temper at that point. He did get an earful off me ... It was an agency worker who did it as the others all know not to touch my vegetables but I have had a word."

Luckily for Wenton he has several other prize giant vegetables, including a 63kg marrow.

Ston Easton Park is a four–star country house hotel close to the Rive Norr. Predictably, the incident is already being referred to as “cabbage–gate.”

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