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Chefs Join Forces in Singapore

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Chefs Join Forces in Singapore

Chef collaborations are an increasing thing in the food world, on any given night, from New York to Paris, Brazil to Barcelona, you can find chefs getting together in the kitchen to share ideas, swap stories and, most importantly of all, cook up some delicious creations.

One of the most recent collaborations like this, GGGOLA 3, saw Gaggan Anand from the Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok return to cook alongside Daniel Chavez from the Ola restaurant in Singapore.

It's the third time the duo have got together to cook and there were some great recipes created.

The dishes produced by the duo over the course of their collaborations are certainly interesting: curry Paella, ceviche of Thai crab and scallop, burnt aji amarillo tiger's milk and freeze dried mango", and "Tom Yum Confusion” - a chupe de langosta done spicy Thai style.

“Working in this way helps to cross over to other cultures and there’s just a great exchange of knowledge and skills," said Gaggan just after the dinner.

Chavez described some of the standout dishes from this year as, "Pollo a la Brasa" - a dish with quinoa and Huacatay sauce which is quite Peruvian. Gaggan then added fried curry leaves and banana and it just tasted awesome. "I don't think anyone in Peru would think of this," he said. (See the recipe here.)   

"We had also a dish called "Bullabesa" which was a saffron fish stock reduced and mounted with olive oil. Gaggan added some almond milk and cardamon powder and yes again it tasted really great! To be able to see your own dishes through the eyes of Gaggan is such an honour for us." (See the recipe here)

For Anand it’s all about a "more rave approach” to "create some good old food.” And this idea was very much on display during the second night of celebration, as Gaggan and Chavez were joined by a whole host of chefs to create a 14-hand brunch from chefs such as the Shüring twins, Jason Tan and Mario Malvaez. 

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