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Three Michelin Star Restaurant Fined for Hygiene Fail

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Three Michelin Star Restaurant Fined for Hygiene Fail
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Three Michelin star restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen has been fined for breaching food hygiene regulations, including storing shellfish at the wrong temperature, The Guardian reports.

Health inspectors gave the restaurant, helmed by Bocuse D’Or  2011 winner Rasmus Kofoed, their lowest rating and a £2300 ($2850) penalty. Inspectors also noticed “black, green and white splotches growing on the underside of shelves and on packaged pickled garlic.” The restaurant currently charges £230 ($285) per head without drinks.

“We regard it as serious that the company has over a long period of time kept shellfish at temperatures that were too high – and they knew they were too high,” said Martin Birk Hansen, a spokesman for Fødevarestyrelsen, the Danish food administration that carried out the inspection.

Kofoed responded: “I do not agree with what is written. I believe that it is greatly exaggerated, but I admit that there are some parts of the process where perhaps we have been a bit inattentive.”

The restaurant had been using a computer operated temperature monitoring system, but all fish and shellfish were kept on ice according to the Kofoed.

In February 2016, Geranium became the first restaurant in Denmark to win three Michelin stars. Watch Kofoed discuss his all enveloping obsession with winning the Bocuse D'Or in the video below. It's a fascinating insight into the mind of a chef and the near madness of perfection.

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