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Geode Cakes are the Latest Wedding Trend

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Geode Cakes are the Latest Wedding Trend
Photo Baked By Bron/Three Tiers for Cake/Instagram

A geode is a rock that contains a cavity lined with mineral crystals such as quartz and opal. They’re captivating and pretty, yes, but would you automatically think ‘wedding cake’? Well, you may be seeing more than one substantual rock at a wedding near you very soon, as geode cakes are all the rage this wedding season and are taking over the internet it seems.

Entirely Edible

The geode cakes, specifically, the fake crystals, are made of granulated sugar and rock candy and are completely edible. Rachel Teufel of Denver, Colorado’s Intricate Icings was one of the first to kick off the trend after her amethyst cake went viral earlier in the year. Now, they’re everywhere.

Who's for Cake?

Check out some of the great examples from Instagram below. In our experience, the cake barely gets touched at a lot of weddings, but people will be clambering over themselves to take a bite of these candied crystals, which by all accounts can be compared to taking a bite from a stick of rock (rock–candy sticks). We wonder how hard it is to cut the cake though?

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Geode cake #2 with custom hard candy by Tiffany. #geode #geodecake #cakes #customcakes

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