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Genie Can Cook Any Meal in Just 30 Seconds

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Genie Can Cook Any Meal in Just 30 Seconds

In what seems like a device that would be more at home in an episode of Star Trek, two Israeli designers say they’ve developed a machine that can recreate any meal in 30 seconds.

Called The Genie, the device creates meals using pods of dehydrated ingredients.

The pods are added to the machine which can then mix, add liquid and cook the pods to create meals ranging from ramen noodles to soufflés.

The small pods containing the food are still in development with the designers seeking the help of Israeli chefs to produce new recipes.

The all natural ingredients inside the pods are freeze dried and can last up to two years.

The makers say they were inspired by the Replicator in Star Trek and that they hope their device will be on sale early next year.

Is this the future of convenience meals? The makers hope that the personalised meals the device can create will help to reduce food waste for consumers in the future. 

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