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Gelinaz! Walk With Us Surprises San Francisco

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Gelinaz! Walk With Us Surprises San Francisco
Photo © Damien Maloney

In its third sold out food adventure Walk With Us”  by GELINAZ!  took to the streets of San Francisco on 11 July with another star–studded chef night de rigeur following the rule breaking, boundary pushing precedent set earlier in the year in London and Sao Paulo.

This time round the internationally famous collective of 16 chefs, including Dominique Crenn (the World's Best Female Chef) took to two of Corey Lee's creative downtown restaurants, Benu and In Situ – a convenient two minute walk apart for diners mobilising mid tasting menu to switch venues in the spirit of the mix–up of the night.

The Mix-Up:

16 chefs (see the full line–up here) split into two teams of eight and partnered up to feed 40 expectant diners at each location with  a 16–course tasting menu consisting of two rounds of appetisers, a main course and a dessert.

Each pair of chefs created a dish based on one of four randomly chosen seasonal ingredients revealed on the night – tomato, egg, rice and peach – which were further “remixed” by the other chef teammates, adding their own personal spin and flair.

Thus four-courses became a 16-course performance or “matrix” of flavours resulting in the marvellous mix up that Gelinaz! is famous for.

Elements of surprise and 'serendipity' are the fabric of this night of chef ‘riffing’ and camaraderie, and anything is possible on the night.

How the Multi–Course Matrix Menu Unfolded on the Night:

First Starter Matrix - Tomato

Benu: Dominique Crenn & Even Rich
In Situ: Christopher Kostow & Chad Robertson

Photo: © Damien Maloney. Left – Sean Brock and Brandon Rodgers's egg dish and right – Paul Cunningham and Sean Brock

Second Starter Matrix - Egg 

Benu: Danny Bowien & Joshua Skenes
In Situ: Sean Brock & Brandon Rodgers

Mid Dinner Switch: Diners swap venues on foot

Photo: © Damien Maloney. Guests walk from Benu to In Situ

Main Course Matrix - Rice 

Benu: Riccardo Camanini & Corey Lee
In Situ:  Paul Cunningham & Daniel Patterson

Dessert Matriz - Peach 

Benu: James Syhabout & Pim Techamuanvivit
In Situ: Gabriela Camara & Blaine 

Photo: © Damien Maloney

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