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Gelato Museum Opening in Italy

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Gelato Museum Opening in Italy

A $1.5 million Gelato museum is set to open in Italy this September - celebrating gelato, the Italian version of ice cream, the museum will be built just outside Bologna in the North of the country. 

The museum will house over 10,000 photographs of gelato alongside gelato making machines, some even made of wood, and what is believed to be the first ever written recipe for a iced dessert.

The recipe, which is believed to date back to the 17th century, involves blending and freezing eggs and cream to produce what the museum claims is the first ever written recipe for gelato.

The museum has cost around $1.5 million and was built by the Italian company, Carpigiani, who produce gelto machines for shops around the world. They're keen to stress that gelato should not be confused with ice cream and that it is a unique blend of fresh ingredients and a recipe that sets it apart from ice cream.

The museum will tell the history and culture of gelato and with icy desserts sounding similar to sorbet linked to the ancient Romans it's certainly an interesting story to tell. FDL will visit the museum when it opens and bring you a full report in september but until then here's a selection of some ice cream stories to cool you down.


Source: Telegraph

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