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Gaston and Ferran Celebrate Peru in Washington D.C.

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Gaston and Ferran Celebrate Peru in Washington D.C.
Photo El Comercio

Gastón Acurio and Ferran Adria payed a special visit to Washington, D.C. where they celebrated the first edition of the Festival of Ceviche and Pisco, which was named after Perú's most famous dish and drink.

Acurio and Adria payed homage to Perú's food culture and presented their documentary Perú Sabe: Food as a Social Weapon, which features the story of the country's socio-economic revolution through cooking. “This documentary is the result of a wonderful voyage across the different regions of our country, it is a testament to how Peruvian food is a good recipe for social development,'' Acurio said.

Adria, who recently gave advice to recession-struck restaurants, told Spanish news agency EFE that this culinary ''revolution'' is ''one of a kind in the world'' because Peru is a nation ''with self-esteem'' that can be an example for others to follow.

But Acurio took it further: ''We dream of our cuisine being everywhere in the world...There are Italian restaurants in every corner of the world. We want the same for Perú.'' However, the chef acknowledged the difficulty of exporting his national cuisine while his country still battles poverty. ''We cannot allow this incoherence.''

Acurio and Ferran were joined by José Andrés (pictured above, far right) a Spanish chef that has made a name for himself in DC through his avant garde cuisine at his restaurant minibar.

Acurio recently celebrated the opening of his new restaurant Tanta in Barcelona. His flagship restaurant in Lima, Astrid & Gastón, ranks 35th on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, which is sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

Adria, who apperead on the cover of the October issue of Wired, is set to give a speech at Wired 2012 conference, a two-day event which begins today in London.

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