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Gaston Acurio Documentary - Sneak Peek

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Gaston Acurio Documentary - Sneak Peek
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Gastón Acurio, the ambassafor of Peruvian cuisine and one of the World's 50 Best Chefs, is promoting the upcoming documentary Perú Sabe: La Cocina, Arma Social by Jesús María Santos.

The film follows Gastón as he guides friend and stellar chef Ferrán Adriá across Lima and the Andes, discovering jems of national cuisine along the way and exploring the social changes spurred by food.

Perú Sabe is a symbolic title that alludes to two things: taste and knowledge. The subtitle literally translates to: cooking, a social weapon. As the name suggests, this documentary aims to explore the flavors of Perú and the knowledge the youth are gaining through cooking.  

For years, Gastón has been on a mission to elevate Peruvian food to haute cuisine and promote it worldwide. During a speech at Lima's Universidad del Pacífico he exhorted young Peruvians to value their nation's food and become culinary ambassadors. That was back in 2006, today Gastón is doing just that, and inspiring many others to do the same. As a testament to this, the film highlights the fact that more than 80,000 young Peruvians are enrolled in gastronomy programs.

Watch a sneak peak of documentary, which also features famous chefs Dan Barber from New York's Blue Hill and Rene Redzepi from Denmark's Noma, voted the World's Best Restaurant. Perú Sabe will debut in Lima on 8th of June and in New York on the 11th of June.

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