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November Release for New Gaston Acurio Documentary

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November Release for New Gaston Acurio Documentary
Photo Chiwake Films

The premiere of the new documentary, Finding Gaston, which follows the work of the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio is set to open in November in cinemas across Peru.

The film was created over over three years by Chiwake Films as they followed the chef on a journey to to heart of Peruvian cuisine. There was no script due to the fact that they wanted to capture authentic moments in Acurio's life.

It looks at the history and culture of Peruvian food and how thousands of young students are now studying culinary courses in the country.

On top of the trailer below FDL spoke with the director of the film Patricia Perez who told us it was an incredible adventure to work on such a project.

When is the film released?
"The plan is to premiere in cinemas in Peru in november. We have planned our premiere in the U.S in Washington D.C in an event organized by the Inter-American Development Bank, one of our sponsors.

"We will also follow the festivals and are currently looking for oportunities to distribute through TV networks in different countries."

What was it like making the film with Gaston?
"It has been an incredible and wonderful adventure to follow him and discover all the instances that define Peruvian cuisine."

How Long did it take to Make?
"Its taken almost three years to complete our footage, because we didnt want to plan anything, there was no script, we wanted to film things as they happened to get an "authentic" feeling."

What can viewers expect to see?
"We go from quinoa producers in the highest grounds of the antipano in Puno- Peru to London's 50 Best Restaurants Awards, back to Peru and onto the beautiful water of the pacific ocean.

"We see the work of our artisan fishermen from Sweden, Spain, New York, San Francisco...and all these places have something in common: Peru, it's passion and it's food.  

"It has been quite an inspiring journey for us as a crew and we are hoping to transmit this in the big screen".

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