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Chef Shuts Down “Vile” Trip Advisor Reviewer

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Chef Shuts Down “Vile” Trip Advisor Reviewer

There are two sides to every story, as so often the case with amateur online restaurant reviews. Gary Usher, chef and owner of Burnt Truffle, a crowdfunded restaurant in Heswall, Merseyside (UK) was incensed when he received a scathing review from a level six (the highest level) Trip Advisor contributor called Chris B.

Chris describes himself as “an expert on chicken liver pâté” and was not happy with the version of the dish he received at Burnt Truffle, comparing the presentation to something “a five-year-old” might put on a plate. He also complained about the temperature and price of the wine – “when I see prices going above £20 I have lost interest & really question as to why I am there in the first place!” – and portion size.

Usher, however, posting under the handle Sticky Walnut (the name of his first restaurant), was not taking this lying down. Cooking in Burnt Truffle that night – which has received highly favourable reviews, both on Trip Advisor and in the national press – he had a very different version of events. Describing Chris B as “vile” and stating that he would not be welcome at any of his restaurants in the future, he also responded to criticisms of the pâté: ““As I’ve said before to other Level 6 TripAdvisor food critics - it’s a slice of pate with toast! Let me know if you do want to come again and I’ll serve it in a Martini glass garnished with rocket and sparklers!”

He also describes how the reviewer asked for the wine to be blasted in the microwave to warm it up – “You didn’t stop there! You then asked if the crème brûlée would be good enough to pass your exacting criteria!!!! You complained about price, you complained about portion size and you complained about quality!”

See Usher’s response in full below, or head on over to Trip Advisor. Chris B, you just got served.

Possibly the best ever response to a negative review

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