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Twitter Goes into Meltdown over Garlic Peeling Hack

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Twitter Goes into Meltdown over Garlic Peeling Hack

Every once in a while a simple kitchen task like cheese grating, or in this case, garlic peeling is turned upside down and social media goes into meltdown.

The latest is a hypnotic way for peeling an entire head of garlic with nothing more than a knife, which has got us, and thousands of other people on Twitter scratching their head as to if they've been doing it right all these years.

The video, originally posted in Canada and with over 370k likes, shows a person using a short and stubby bladed knife to stab individual cloves inside their casing still attached to the bulb, and then pulling them free.

Amidst a flood or questions and reponses on twitter, about the type of knife, concern for injury and sceptics preferring their own methods, like the jar method,or the good old fashioned smash on a chopping board method, there are others that think this might just change their life.

They tried it over at the Irish Times, with mixed results and fear of hitting an artery, but encouraged that there is potential with practice.

See for yourselves, convinced? or sticking with your tried and tested method? ...








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