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Our Galaxy Tastes Like Raspberries

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Our Galaxy Tastes Like Raspberries


Take a look at something as beautiful a The Milky Way and what do you think it might taste like? Surely everyone has their own idea of what flavor best represents a galaxy but now scientists say they may have some proof that The Milky Way tastes like raspberries and smells of rum. 

The Guardian reports that a team of astronomers from the Institute for Radio Astronomy have spent over a year collecting samples with a telescope that can help them identify molecules in the giant dust clouds that are present in the galaxy. 

So why raspberries? Within the dust cloud astronomers found ethyl formate, the chemical that gives raspberries their unique flavor. The chemical also has the distinct smell of rum. 

Don't worry, hard earned scientific research cash is not being spent just so we know what The Milky Way tastes like. The team are actually on the hunt for amino acids which help to build proteins and are seen as one of the fundamental building blocks of life. 

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