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Revealed: Europe's Fussiest Eaters

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Revealed: Europe's Fussiest Eaters
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In news that will massively irk some, and merely confirm the suspicions of others, a new survey has found that the British and the Finns are the fussy eaters of Western Europe, while the French, the Italians, the Spanish and the Swiss are the most adventurous.

Less than 60% of those surveyed in the UK and Finland are willing to try new foods when travelling abroad. However, the Brits are the true fussy eaters of Western Europe, showing the least willingness of the 14,000 people surveyed across 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

In contrast, over 90% of respondents in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland are “open-minded” about trying new foods when travelling abroad. Norway is the most adventurous of the Nordic countries, with 81% willing to try something new when overseas.

Food Tourism

Though the Brits haven't quite shaken off their ‘sausage and chips’ reputation, one in 10 are planning a foodie trip in 2016 according to the survey conducted by travel firm Expedia, with 17% planning where to eat even before booking flights or hotels. Italian and Spanish cuisines are particularly enticing for British tourists.

Here's a great infographic all about food tourism.

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