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Food Pictures from Greece's New Two-Starred Restaurant

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Food Pictures from Greece's New Two-Starred Restaurant
Photo Smoke Ice Cream Sandwich

The highest accolade awarded in the newest Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe for 2014 was the two stars given to the Funky Gourmet restaurant in Athens.

It's a place where chef and owners Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos have lots of fun with their funky meets gourmet concept of plates that aim to activate the sense of their customers in unconventional ways.

They are one of Greece’s top avant-garde restaurants and with amazing dishes like Squaring The Pea and Choriatiki salad, have built a strong reputation that’s propelled them to speak at events like TEDx.

Below you’ll find a selection of dishes from the restaurant.

Rib Eye Tartare 

Langoustine on Shell 

Squaring The Pea

Gourmet Pesto 

 Choriatiki Salad

Orange Explosion 

Ice Cream for Egg 

Ultra Violet 

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