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French Wine Makers Seek Government Help

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French Wine Makers Seek Government Help
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Making wine can be a lucrative business but it is also a risky one. Depending on the land can have unforeseen consequences, that's why French vignerons are asking their government for insurance against a bad harvest.

The wine makers are also seeking insurance protection against curency fluctuations due to the shaken economy. They are turning to the French government and the European Commission in hopes of creating a safety net that will save the wine industry.

''With the 2012 harvest looking to have the lowest yields for 10 years, wine makers are once again reminded of the incredible instability of their businesses,'' Christelle Jacquemot from the Vigneron Indépendant trade association told Decanter during an interview.

Currently, French wine makers have certain protections against frost and other adverse weather conditions but are lacking insurance against economic risks.

According to Decanter, economy instability is one of the main problems independent wine makers face because income can fluctuate as much as 40% every year, making it harder to control cash flow and plan for long-term projects.

This wouldn't be the first time the French government steps in to preserve their wine industry. Throughout the last century a series of laws were passed to protect the designated origin of wines, also known as the Appellation D'Origine.

In 1935, the French government established the Institut National Des Appellations d'Origine to oversee issues pertaining to wine production in the country. The department has since been renamed the Institut National des l'origine et de la qualité.

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