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French Chefs Sign Petition to Ban Negative Online Reviews

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French Chefs Sign Petition to Ban Negative Online Reviews

A group of chefs, restauranteurs and hoteliers in France have signed an online petition to ban ‘defamatory’ reviews of their establishments.

The petition, apparently started by Michelin starred chef Pascal Favre d'Anne, has received over 1,700 signatures.

The petition asks the Minister of Commerce in the country to put a stop to “posting defamatory comments and subjective observations on members of staff in our restaurants.”

It goes on to ask that review sites be made to monitor their users and ask for proof of visits to places before they’re allowed to post their comments.

It’s the second time this year that restaurant reviews, negative ones that is, have been focused on in the French courts. In July the French blogger Caroline Doudet was fined €1,500 ($2,000) and ordered to change a review after a French judges ruled that her use of the term ‘place to avoid’ should be changed.

As more and more people take to online review sites to express their opinions and more consumers use them as a way of decided on trying new establishments, more and more people within the industry are demanding that the system be changed.


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