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French Brace For 160% Beer Tax Hike

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French Brace For 160% Beer Tax Hike
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While France may be known for its wine, the country is also home to a growing beer scene. However, the progressive movement may be thwarted by a proposed tax increase on brews.

President Francois Hollande is currrently pushing a 160% beer tax hike in an effort to fund social programs. The tax hike would affect French beers and 30 percent of imported brews, something that does not sit well with beer drinkers or The Brewers of Europe trade group.

The proposed tax would increase the price of beer anywhere from 25 to 40 cents per bottle, according to the NY Times. Aside from facing higher beer prices, consumers are bothered by the fact the tax hike only affects beer.

“I am shocked that other alcohol producers aren’t affected,'' Simon Thillou, a Parisian beer shop owner told the NY Times. Thillou was also criticial of winemakers. “Wine growers aren’t behind the nation, but the nation is behind them.”

The tax hike is expected to generate $625 million in revenue.

Via NY Times and The Guardian

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