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Free Online Lessons in Modernist Cuisine

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Free Online Lessons in Modernist Cuisine

After bringing you the recent news that the team at the Escoffier culinary school have launched an online culinary course it seems yet another company is getting into the digital realm of culinary education.

Organised by Chris Young and Ryan Mathew Smith and Grant Crilly - the team behind the mammoth six volume Modernist Cuisine Books - the school will be called Chefsteps and will offer lessons in all the techniques used in modernist cuisine.

The lessons will be free to take and judging by the success of Harvard's public Science and Cooking lectures it's sure to attract a lot of attention.

The sous vide course is fairly extensive covering an introduction to the equipment, preparation, packaging, cooking temps and cooking time and a look at some of the finishing strategies after foods have cooked.

The team say they want to help people 'learn the how’s and why’s of cooking' giving people more freedom to innovate and express creative ideas in the kitchen.

The course being yet another sign of the growing demand for professional knowledge in the home kitchen. Something we highlighted on FDL with the increasing number of home cooks purchasing sous vide equipment.

Lessons will come in the form of text, pictures, video and discussion that takes place between the online community - something that's sure to lead to some community learning.

Below is a small example of one of the video lessons from the Sous Vide Module.

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