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French Croissants are Going through a Crisis

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French Croissants are Going through a Crisis
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What was once a booming food industry in France has now apparently succumbed to a crisis. Due in part to a decline in consumption, the country is on the verge of losing many food jobs, according to French industry trade association ANIA.

In the past year, French consumers have cut spending by 0.5 percent and companies have cut production by 1 percent, according to Food and Drinks Europe. While that percentage may seem small, it has already resulted in a great loss in the food industry.

Just a decade ago France was the world's second largest food exporter, only surpassed by the United States. Brazil has taken that coveted spot and France now ranks fifth on the list of food expoters, lagging behind the Netherlands and Germany.

The country - which has always been known for its legendary wines - is also trying to cope with a champagne shortage and a croissant crisis

As any crisis, it will certainly pass and we will be able to enjoy large quantities of French Champagne and Croissants again. 

What do experts think? Could this trend by reversed?

ANIA president Jean-René Bouisson seems to think so. 

''The only possible solution is to restore the concept of fair prices, to encourage research and innovation, to preserve jobs in our companies and put the consumer back at the center of the equation,'' he said.

Via Food and Drinks Europe

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