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France Bans Supermarkets from Throwing Out Good Food

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France Bans Supermarkets from Throwing Out Good Food

A new law in France will ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying food that hash’t been sold and force them instead to donate it to charities or for use in animal feed.

In a move to reduce the problem of food waste in the country MPs across all parties agreed to implement the new laws that will see many supermarkets fined up to €75,000 or face up to two years in jail if they break the rules.

There will also be a new education programme started in the country that will educate people in schools and businesses about the problems of food waste and how they can help to reduce it.

The new measures are part of an initiative by France to half food waste in the country by the year 2025 - an issue that many countries around the world are now paying more attention to.

There is also Expo Milano taking place in Italy right now which focuses directly on the problems of how to feed the growing population of the world.

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