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France Faces A Croissant Crisis

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France Faces A Croissant Crisis
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They are flaky, buttery and an icon of French cuisine. Croissants may be all those things and more but they are also an endangered species in France. True croissants, those made by hand using traditional methods, are being replaced by the frozen variety as more bakers find ways to cut costs. To French foodies, there could be no bigger sin.

Outsourced croissants are no laughing matter in a country that takes its food very seriously. Foodie outrage in France has gained international attention, with the Telegraph reporting that croissants are ''dying out'' in France and Newswer publishing an article with the headline:  ''Crisis In France: True Croissants Disappearing.'' 

NPR correspondent Eleanor Beardsley looked into the matter and reported that outsourcing croissants has 'outraged' traditional bakers. Eleanor explores the loopholes that allows a boulangerie (traditional French bakery) to sell industrial croissants although their baguettes have to be made from scratch. You can read Eleanor's full article and listen to the story on NPR's food blog The Salt.

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