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Foraging Fatalities in California

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Foraging Fatalities in California

Two elderly women have died and four other people were made ill after eating a soup prepared using wild mushrooms in California.

The women,  Barbara Lopes, 86, and Teresa Olesniewicz, 73, were both staying at an assisted living facility in Placer County were they ate the soup.

The trend of foraging has been growing for a long time and the number of people heading out to the wilderness to find new flavors is increasing everyday.

The dangers of foraging are always present, especially when looking for wild mushrooms and it seems the foragers have come across one or more of the many dangerous mushrooms that grow across California.

The best advice with any foraged mushrooms is to never eat anything you've found unless you're with a true professional or have undergone some form of training in identifying the variety. The most notable dangerous mushroom is Amanita phalloides which is widely referred to as the Death Cap.



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