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One of the World's Best Restaurants Has Almost No Food Waste

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If we want the upcycling of food waste to become the norm, we need a new language to describe it.

In fact, we should avoid terms like ‘waste cooking’ and ‘trash cooking’ altogether, say chef Matt Orlando of Copenhagen’s Amass restaurant.

In a speech at this year’s Food on the Edge symposium, Orlando described how the restaurant had almost flipped its landfill and recycling stats in two years, and cut down bin waste by 75% since opening.

And it’s all been done by upcyling products destined for the bin and asking the question, ‘how do we make them delicious?’

They have, he says, found flavours in these products they weren’t expecting. Whether it’s seasoning with coffee grounds, pickling with tea leaves or using every part of the pumpkin in one dish, they view the stuff you would normally throw away as a by product, rather than 'waste.'

They are, he says, “working and cooking in a different state of mind,” and remained committed to the method at Amass, which currently sits at number 66 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

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