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See How Much Food is Produced, Eaten and Wasted Every Second

By FDL on

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See How Much Food is Produced, Eaten and Wasted Every Second

The world food clock is a clever interactive infographic from White Vinyl Design that sets some of the startling facts about our food production and food waste in an engaging way.

Slide one of the infographic sets out three columns of numbers on food production, food consumption and food waste. A clock begins counting and each section shows just how much is produced, consumed and wasted per second - it’s something you really struggle to comprehend, even when you see the numbers slowly rising on the screen.

From here the interactive infographic goes on to display data on agriculture the amount of land used to grow food that will eventually be wasted, how much green house gas wasted food equates to and the overall value of food that is eventually thrown in the bin.

The way that all the figures correlate with the seconds counting on a clock really help to give some perspective on what is happening right now and just how expansive the figures are.

Take a look.

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