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Could Europe Be About to Ban Food Waste in Supermarkets?

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Could Europe Be About to Ban Food Waste in Supermarkets?

The new law that stops supermarkets in France from disposing of unused food and instead makes them pass it on to charities could be passed across Europe.

Arash Derambarsh, a Parisian councillor, is the person who helped push through the new law in France and will this week present the same idea to the European Parliament.

Speaking to Business Insider, Derambarsh said: “This is such an important issue and we have to work fast before the food lobbies get together and start opposing us.”

“I set a deadline of getting the law passed in France and Europe within a year, and we’re six months in, so we’re doing well. After that, it’s the world.”

If the law is approved on Wednesday it will be up to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to decide exactly when and how it will be instated throughout Europe.

The move back in May in France to force supermarkets to stop wasting edible food by making collaborations with charities received wide range support across Europe with a petition calling for the same law in other European counties receiving over 500,000 signatures.

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