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Infographic - Food Trends in 2015

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Infographic - Food Trends in 2015

We've already compiled our own 2015 food trends list by asking some of the world's best chefs what they expect to see over the coming months and to add to this, here’s an insightful look at some of the other food trends we can expect to see in 2015 compiled by The Food People - a food trends and ideas agency. 

Using their research over the past few years they have created the infographic below which breaks down 2015 trends into a number of different sections.

First up are some basic predictions on what we can expect to see: authentic Mexican, hybrid vegetables, lots of condiments and more multi-sensory gastronomy.

Second is a clever wheel that combines key trends alongside consumer trends and the type of consumers that are now emerging in the food landscape.

There is also a cuisine map which places a number of styles of cuisine on a graph that looks at their potential trend setting influence against their mass market appeal and a wonderful flavour market which identifies some of the key sweet and savoury flavours that we will taste more of in 2015.



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