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Food Trends: Breakfast Feeds the Brain

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Food Trends: Breakfast Feeds the Brain
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Mom always told you to eat your breakfast. Now scientists have found evidence proving that mother knows best. Breaking your morning fast enhances your brain function, improves physical performance and helps reduce stress, according to a new study.

Researchers tracked the daily activities of 25 volunteers, for two days as part of the Cognitive Effects of Breakfast Study. On one of the days, the participants had eaten breakfast, on the other they had not. The study revealed that volunteers who ate a morning meal experienced 89 percent less anxiety when confronted with a challenge. Mental and physical tests found that participants reacted to dilemmas 7 percent quicker on days they had eaten breakfast.

That’s not all. After eating breakfast, volunteers had a 61 percent improvement in math and English tests. Their hand-eye coordination improved drastically, researchers found. Participants who skipped breakfast were unable to concentrate for long stretches of time, making it difficult to complete the 25 tests they were presented.

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