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New TV Show Combines Food and Sex

By FDL on

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New TV Show Combines Food and Sex

After the world went mad for Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte's sexy escapades across Manhattan it seems that Sex and The City is getting a food makeover. 

The TV channel Bravo have just announced their new show, Sex in The Kitchen, it seems that the brand of strong, power and professional women intent on working hard and playing even harder, is a format the TV studios just can't pass up.

The new reality TV series from Bravo will focus on women who work in the food and drink industry in LA - a sort of Desperate Housewives / Masterchef hybrid following some of the biggest female figures in the food world.

A full list of the women has not been posted yet but are reporting that their LA editor, Kat Odell, will be one of the six women featured on the show.

We've been watching the rise of food on TV at FDL for some time now and published a piece on the subject written by New York restaurant critic, Gael Greene. It seems that her opinion that food is the new sex on TV is quite literally coming true. We look forward to seeing the show but highly recommend against searching for 'sex and the kitchen' on Google just yet...

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