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Food Sex: How Food Could Affects Your Sex And Libido

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Food Sex: How Food Could Affects Your Sex And Libido

We all know that food - sex is a very important pair to keep in mind when you want to arrange a romantic date: there are a lot of foods considered a natural aphrodisiac - such as oysters or chili peppers, but the list of erotic food for sex could be longer - even though it's all a matter of mind, more than sex and the relationship between food and sex goes beyond any real scientific explanation.

Food sex is such an important topic that even food design had to deal with it. French designer Quentin Simonin has published a book called Fruit Condom: it's not difficult to understand what is it about, but if you're curious you could have a look at the designer's site.

And what about food as the new sex? This is what New York restaurant critic Gael Greene thinks about food on tv: there are so many food shows and cooking shows on tv, some of them focused on sex in the kitchen, that it seems that her opinion that food is the new sex on TV is quite literally coming true...

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