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1 in 3 People Would Choose Food Over Sex

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1 in 3 People Would Choose Food Over Sex

The online dating site and the news site have released some interesting findings from a survey they did on eating and dating habits in both men and women.

In their Love Bites survey the company found some interesting things, for example, one in three of the 4,000 people asked said they would choose food over sex if asked to choose between their favorite food or sex.

Around 96% of the vegetarians they surveyed said they would date a meat eater where, on the other hand, only 70% of meat eaters would date a vegetarian. And sommeliers rejoice as 70% of the women asked said it was a turn on if their date knew how to pair food and wine. 

The survey is full of little eating habit gems and sheds a bit of light on just how how we feel about tipping, favorite foods and whether being a fussy eater can affect your chance of success on a date.

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