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Hot Chocolate Tastes Better from Orange and Cream Cups

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Hot Chocolate Tastes Better from Orange and Cream Cups

Scientists say they have proved that hot chocolate tastes better when drank from an orange or cream cup as opposed to a red or white one.

In a study by the University of Oxford and the Polytechnic University in Valencia, published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, 57 participants were given samples of hot chocolate in different colored cups.

The findings of the study showed that people who drank from orange and cream cups found that the chocolate tasted better and that in cream cups it seems that people perceived it to be more aromatic and sweeter.

This is not the first time that the color of objects we eat and drink from have been proven to affect perception. Scientists from the University of Basel in Switzerland proved that eating from a red plate can make a person eat less.

Which chef do think will be the first to explore this relationship further?



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