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How to Make a Memorable Meal

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How to Make a Memorable Meal

Paul Rozin is a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and spends his time researching the mind and behavior of animals with a particular focus on knowledge and the process of discovery - he has even researched how people perceive disgust, and the relationship between disgust and taste he revealed in an exclusive interview with Fine Dining Lovers.

More recently Rozin has been researching food experiences and in this video, from Mad Food Camp 2012,  he discusses what it is that makes a great meal and how to make a meal memorable. He also examines the difference between how we remember a meal, even if it's defined of one of our tastiest ever dining experiences, compared to how it was actually experienced.

Of the people Rozin asked about their most memorable meal nearly everyone remembered the main course, only 23% mentioned a dessert, ambience is only mentioned by 15% and only 40% mentioned the social setting as being part of their most memorable meal.

All these factors are brought up as Rozin goes on to try and define what it is that makes a memorable meal. It's fascinating to hear that a large majority of people don't remember the food during a dining experience and how views towards food differ in different countries.

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