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5 Videos That Will Help You Master Food Plating

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5 Videos That Will Help You Master Food Plating

The art of plating great food is something that chefs learn over a long period of time, it’s easy to copy plating styles and techniques but much harder to develop a personal touch.

The greatest chefs manage to create unique plating styles that are almost like finger prints on the plate - think of chefs like Virgilio Martinez and Rene Redzepi - with their unique presentation approach.

Practising plating is not always that simple, you have your job on the line often and your chance to finish dishes going out into the dining room comes later on in the career.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice whenever you have the chance. The Institute of Culinary Education have actually produced a wonderful series of videos that focus specifically on food plating.

From their reimagined series, which takes one specific dish and sees it plated in three different ways, to their useful tutorials that explain some of the basic techniques needed to make you a pro plater.

Anyone working in a professional kitchen should appreciate these videos.


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