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Food Photography Tips Using Your Mobile Phone

By FDL on

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Food Photography Tips Using Your Mobile Phone
Chefs complain about it, customers get upset with their dining companions for  it, it slows down service, but everyone is guilty of doing it at least once. We’re talking about taking pictures of food and while diners sit doing it in the kitchen, just as many chefs are in the back snapping plates before they leave the pass. 
Taking food pictures is something that’s become a common dining ritual but some people so it better than others. That’s why we’ve decided to round up a selection of food photography tips that focus directly on using a mobile phone as the camera. 
There are three different videos that all offer a range of different food photography tips, covering everything from lighting to apps for editing the pictures are they’ve been taken. 
It’s not difficult to quickly improve your food photography and these videos should put you on the right track. 


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