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5 Bizarre Food Stories from the Web This Week

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5 Bizarre Food Stories from the Web This Week

We obviously spend a lot of time online here at FDL, and each week we come across plenty of weird and wonderful stories, the kind of stories that make you think, 'Stop, hold on a minute ... what?' Here are five bizarre food stories that have caught our eye online this week.

Mystery Meat Lands on Roof


A family from Florida has been in the news after being woken one night by a “noise like a thunder," only to find 15lbs of raw meat, including sausages, had landed in their front yard and on their roof, ABC News reports. No one seems to know how it got there – was it a plane, was it a vandal, but most importantly, did they eat it all?

Halle Berry Really Loves Bourbon

Actress Halle Berry stunned onlookers at Comic-Con in San Diego by chugging down half a pint of bourbon during a panel to discuss her new film. Watch below and read more.

Child Fined £150 for Selling Homemade Lemonade

A local council in has been ridiculed after handing a five-year-old girl and her father a £150 ($194) fine for selling homemade lemonade on their London street, The Guardian reports. Tower Hamlets council has since apologised.

Who you gonna call?


Dan Aykroyd, of Ghostbusters fame, is allegedly threatening to sue a small hot sauce company from the Isle of Wight in England, for copyright infringement over perceived similarities between their packaging and that for his premium Crystal Head Vodka brand, Munchies reports. Heartbreakingly, the actor only discovered the brand after it approached him for collaboration...

The Worst Named Restaurant in America

Eater has been running a search all week for the worst named restaurant in America and they finally have a winner. We won’t ruin it for you – suffice to say Name of Groans is an apt title for the competition.


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