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InstaScran: Chef Creates Food Just for Instagram

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InstaScran: Chef Creates Food Just for Instagram
Food on Instagram: there’s a valid argument that the picture sharing app has affected many chefs and how they produce  dishes. It has also influenced the way many diners approach a meal at the table. 
People now take longer to actually eat their food, because, of course, they have to get the lighting right, and chefs, many of them hungry for Likes, produce food that pleases the filter more than the palate. 

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There’s been lots of commentary on the idea that Instagram food cooking is on the rise: that’s chefs creating dishes with the image of the plate overriding the taste of the dish – a worrying trend.  
To highlight the issue and poke some good old satirical fun at the concept, Elite Daily have produced a ‘what if’ video that tells the story of a chef who only cooks food for Instagram. 
The fictional story focuses on Sight, a new restaurant where customers are offered specific lighting for their dishes but warned they should never actually eat the food, it's just for Instagram. 
It goes to the extreme end of the spectrum but certainly highlights what is a growing issue in the restaurant industry. 
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