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70+ Instagram Food Hashtags Explained: The Ultimate Guide

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70+ Instagram Food Hashtags Explained: The Ultimate Guide

Here we present the ultimate guide to food hashtags on Instagram in one handy infographic.

With over 500 million active users, the photo–sharing app Instagram is "the" place to find photographs of food. It’s where food trends start and end, and it has even spawned its own ubiquitous noun: food porn.

Hashtags, used across social media to make content more searchable and visible, are an important part of Instagram best practices, but if new to the platform, they can be a little bit daunting.

You may be wondering what the best hashtags for food are and how many to use? Which food hashtags will gain you more followers? Perhaps you don’t want to gain more followers and just want to share images with close friends with some good hashtags.

This is why we’ve produced the ultimate guide to food hashtags on Instagram.


This is the number one hashtag on Instagram and understandably so. Food porn elevates food to a visual work of art, something to be admired before being devoured.


When it comes to fine dining this is the most hashtagged beverage. Bubbly is everyone's favorite drink to toast with and there is plenty to celebrate when you gather around the table.


When it comes to chefs this is the hashtag that is most often used. #cheflife explains the highs and the lows of life in the professional kitchen.

The Ultimate Guide to Food Hashtags on Instagram

 Improve Your Photography For A Better Hashtag

Once you've mastered the art of the #hashtag you'll want to ensure your photographs are up to par. This will ensure better visibility and followers. You can use an app like this one to help you select the best photos from your phone.

Online blogger and photographer Kirsten Alana shares her best tips for helping you create beautiful dishes without too much effort. She takes a cue from food stylists to help your food achieve a stellar look. All it takes is a few minutes of planning and you'll be on your way to the best food photography.

Also, follow these golden rules to capture the best images for Instagram and all your social media.

Perhaps you can find some inspiration in this short video from the Modernist Cuisine. The closeups of the ingredients leave you wanting more and that's just what your food photography should do too:

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