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The Kitchen Factor is Coming

By FDL on

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The Kitchen Factor is Coming

If Master Chef, Iron Chef and Super Master Iron Chef weren't enough for you Simon Cowell may just have the answer.

The Sun Newspaper is reporting that Cowell, famous for creating the X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, is working on a format similar to the X-Factor only aimed at amateur chefs who want to demonstrate their skills to the masses.

With cooking on TV now the hottest thing around, it's no surprise that Cowell has now turned his gaze away from music and on to food. Called Food Glorious Food, the show will go in search of the best amatuer cook in the UK.

With a lot of the X-Factors's popularity coming from the fact that many of the contestants don't actually have any talent - it will be interesting to see how many fumbling kitchen fools the production company manage to reel out.

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