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Big Data Gets a Food Makeover

By FDL on

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Big Data Gets a Food Makeover

With advances in technology and new ways of expressing information online, Big Data continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the web.

Big Data can cover many topics, from gene coding analysis to the storage and presentation of information gathered by sites like WIki Leaks -  it applies to any large amount of data that's hard to process using traditional databases and involves systems that can store, curate and present data in a meaningful way.

One company that is applying the Big Data ethos to the food industry is Food Genius. By collecting and curating large amounts of data from more than 100,000 different restaurant menus in America the company can offer some very use insights into the food industry trends and customer behaviors.

Businesses can use the service to search for a whole range of topics. The average price of a hot dog in San Francisco, how many competitors serve a similar menu and just how popular certain food pairings may be.

It's a great resource and particularly valuable for people planning on opening their own restaurants. As much as we'd love to play with it at FDL HQ the costs are not cheap, the average package begins at $2,000 a month and the enterprise full package will set you back $10,000 a month.


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