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Redzepi Predicts a Robot May One Day Win Master Chef

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Redzepi Predicts a Robot May One Day Win Master Chef

We've asked the question of what food will be like in the future before on FDL and the answers are all always intriguing.

Views and opinions of how we will be eating in the future differ widely and with that in mind the International Herald Tribune recently created a panel of experts to focus on how the world will change by the year 2037.

One of these experts was the Danish chef Rene Rezepi who focused on how he thinks food will develop over the next 100 years.

Redzepi offers up two potential outcomes for food in the year 2137 - one is a sterile environment of mechanized food and the other a more local and seasonal approach.

He offers up a satirical opinion and vision of the world in which a robot has won Master Chef and restaurants have taken full automation in kitchens ahead of human labor.

It's an insightful look to the future of food and one that certainly makes you think.

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